She’s impossible not to love, and her homemade monster cookies are impossible to beat.

Meet Darcy Peterson — cookie maker, beer pourer, ballpark cheerleader. You can catch her pouring beer at the main concession stand or in the Bud Light Beer Cage at almost every single Bismarck Larks game. 

“She’s exactly the type of employee you want to have on your team,” says Family Membership and Event Manager, Monica Blake. “She knows everyone. She’s extremely kind and she might be the best baker I know.”

She knows every employee by name, gives each intern a nickname and makes homemade monster cookies for the entire staff — at least two times a week. Not to mention she’s never been a minute late to work.

“Darcy is always thinking about the little details to help make the fan experience top notch. Her attitude, positivity, and punctuality make her a standout,” says Ballpark Experience Director, Nate Maddox.

But her upbeat personality isn’t the only thing that stands out. She’s hard to miss in her pink sunglasses, glittery name tag and pink bag that she brings to EVERY game.

“It’s like the bag that Mary Poppins has,” says co-worker, Issy Cleary. “What doesn’t she have in that bag?”

Darcy calls it her bag of “do-das.” Inside you will find bottle openers, tweezers, rain ponchos, band-aids, tip jars, a change of clothes, and at least two grape MiOs. If anyone needs anything, the do-da bag is where they can find it. 

“I’m there to make the fans and employees happy and to have fun. I consider them my family and family is so important to me,” says Darcy.

Darcy has worked with the Larks family for two years now and looks forward to coming back each season.

It’s family. It’s fun. It’s entertainment. It’s my joy. It makes me happy!  I don’t do it for the pay, I do it for the people. It’s an electric atmosphere and the Larks are such a bright spot for the community,” says Darcy.

And Darcy is a bright spot at the ballpark.

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