Basic Electric is bringing education to the ballpark on August 22, 24, and 25! You can get your tickets today!


August 22: Be one of the first 300 fans into the ballpark to watch the Bismarck Larks take on their rivals from across the Missouri River, the Mandan Flickertails! These lucky few will receive an official Bismarck Larks noise maker courtesy of Basin Electric Power Cooperative! So come on down and enjoy near end of season baseball as the playoffs for the Northwoods League North Dakota Pod draw closer and closer!

There’s a 12:35pm game and a 7:05pm game. Both of these will only be 7 innings to help the teams meet the NWL requirements for resting pitchers.

August 24: Mondays can be pretty boring, which is why we’d like to invite you out to enjoy some exciting summer baseball that is guaranteed to spice up your Monday evening. This one’s an exciting one too! The hometown Bismarck Larks look to swipe a win over their neighbors the Bismarck Bull Moose! What’s better than a little sibling rivalry? 

Make sure to get out here it’s going to be a fun one presented by Basin Electric Power Cooperative!

August 25: Happy Bacon Tuesday! And we’ve got special items in all inclusive food areas, including everyone’s favorite, Cloverdale Bacon! Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to witness a season that will live long in the memory of the people of Bismarck! We’ve put not one, not two, but THREE teams in the Bismarck-Mandan area! 

This particular matchup is extra exciting! Why? Because it puts two rival cities against each other! Bismarck, and Mandan! Who will come out on top? The Bismarck Bull Moose, or the Mandan Flickertails? 

So come on down and join us for some summer baseball like you’ve never seen it before, presented by Basin Electric Power Cooperative!

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