It has been an amazing year Larks Fans and we could not have done it without you. COVID-19 didn’t stand in our way and we played an outstanding 72 home games while hosting 3 teams this past season! That is only beginning of all the FUN that took place at the ballpark in 2020…

We want to share with you the Top 10 Moments of the 2020 Season!

#1        72 Game Season with Fans

We didn’t let a pandemic stand in the way of our season. Thanks to the support of all of our fans we were able to play and finish a 72-game season (Plus 3 Playoff Games) against all odds. We couldn’t have done it without all of you!





#2        Larks Win Championship

Sweet, sweet victory. The Bismarck Larks earned their first championship win at the end of the season winning 2 out of the 3-game series against the Mandan Flickertails.








#3        3 Team Season

Provided 111 collegiate athletes with the opportunity to play baseball by developing a 3-team pod made up of the Bismarck Larks, Bismarck Bull Moose, and Mandan Flickertails.






#4        Wyatt Ulrich Breaks Record

Mr. Lark, the Mayor, Wyatt… no matter what you call him, Wyatt Ulrich is a Lark icon AND the NWL runs record holder. In the first inning of his record-breaking game, it didn’t take long for Mr. Lark to take a walk, steal second and advance to third, placing himself in scoring position. A wild pitch sent him sprinting across the plate.







#5        2 Players Sign with MLB

Bismarck Bull Moose 3rd baseman, Torin Montgomery signed with the Miami Marlins and Mandan Flickertails pitcher, John Wilson signed with the Minnesota Twins.







#6        Tim Simoes Grand Slam

In his very first game with the Bismarck Larks, Tim Simoes made an impression. During his first at bat, he hit a GRAND SLAM! Now that really brings a new meaning to the term home run hitter!







#7        Pikachu Dance Crew

 The Pikachu Dance Crew took to the green with some electrifying dance moves this season that sparked joy among the crowd. What will they do next season?







#8        Jersey Auctions Break Record

Thanks to fans like YOU our jersey auctions raised more money than ever before. Your support helped donated a total of $14,29 to local charities such as the Bismarck Cancer Center, the United Way, Century High School Inclusive Sports and the Sanford Health Foundation. Let’s raise even more money in 2021!







#9        First Successful Backflip

The Larks very own Director of FUN Matthew Wurnig completed his first ever successful backflip on Larks baseball soil this summer!









#10      Clark Caught Streaking

Someone catch that bird! This season your very own Clark the Lark was caught streaking in the outfield! Don’t worry though, the Coral Sales Park Ranger, with help from the Bismarck Bull Moose and the Mandan Flickertails, took care of the little rascal.

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