Unsung Heroes: The Soucies

host family darren and mary soucie

Mary and Darren Soucie have been a huge part of the Larks Host Family Program throughout the history of the Larks franchise.

This story appeared in Edition 8 of the Larks Playball Program.

BISMARCK — Mary and Darren Soucie have been one of the Larks Host Families since the 2019 season. They love to get them out in the Bismarck and Mandan communities and to use FUN to make a difference in their lives. Read their interview with the Larks team about their experience as a host family.

How long have you been a host family for the Larks?

My husband and I have been a host family for the past three seasons. Each year has been a little different, but we have enjoyed our experience and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it.

What initially sparked your interest in becoming a host family?

We have been 7-pack holders since season one. We were contacted by a member of the ticket team asking if we were interested in becoming a host family.

What is the most rewarding part of being a host family?

Interacting with the players we’ve hosted. Each player is unique with varying personalities. Being able to learn about them and who they are is amazing. Also, keeping in touch with the families and the friends we’ve made with other host families is another enjoyable aspect. These are connections that we will have for years to come.

What is your favorite part of a Larks game?

We love interacting with the promo team and dancing with them! They always bring high energy and happiness to fans. We also love Home Run for Life. It’s humbling to see the adversity that these kids fight through. It is one of the many great things that the Larks help orchestrate.

Do you have any tips or advice for any future host families?

DO IT! It is a rewarding experience and not overwhelming like it may seem at first. There is a great group of host families to connect with that will help with anything at hand.

From the Northwoods League’s inception in 1994, generous families and individuals have warmly offered their homes and provided welcoming food and lodging for student-athletes traveling from far and wide. This has created an immediate “booster club” and a dedicated fan base within each Northwoods League community. To join the Larks Host Family Flock, click here.