Do you love donuts? We sure do, especially Bearscat Bakehouse donuts!

With the help of our friends at Bearscat Bakehouse we’ve mixed up four mysteriously delicious donuts in hope of creating the perfect one for our fans. They are all so good we can’t decide which one to choose! That’s where you come in. We need your taste buds to help us pick which donut deserves to be crowned the 2020 Larks Donut!

We sent our intern, Theresa Liebsch on a quest and put her taste buds to the test. She sampled all four donuts: the Pop Fly, the Jalapeno Bambino, the Berry Bomber and Maple on the Mound. Find out her reaction to each one below:


Theresa Liebsch — Official Larks Donut Taster (aka Donut Connoisseur)

The Pop Fly
Theresa’s Take: The Classic Donut with a Pop

Donut-Meter Rating: 4 Donut-Stars

Tasting this donut immediately made my mouth water! This freshly fried donut is covered with chocolate glaze, topped with crunchy caramel popcorn and drizzled with rich caramel.

The chocolate glaze was sweet and the caramel popcorn added the perfect bit of savory to the mix. My favorite part was the caramel drizzle. The caramel drizzle was the perfect complement to the chocolate glaze. If you are looking for a classic donut with a bit of a pop, the Pop-Fly is the perfect donut for you!

This donut is available at Bearscat Bakehouse: Monday, May 11th – Saturday, May 16th


The Jalapeno Bambino

Theresa’s Take: The Crazy Crispy Donut

Donut-Meter Rating: 3 Donut-Stars

This one was a little more on the wild side, but I really liked it! Fried to perfection, this donut is filled with sweet strawberry jelly, topped with cream cheese icing and crispy jalapeno chips.

The strawberry jelly and cream cheese icing even out the heat of the jalapeno chips. The jalapeno chips also add a nice crunch to this lightly fried donut. If you are looking for an all-in-one donut, the Jalapeno Bambino is the perfect mix of sweet and sassy.

This donut is available at Bearscat Bakehouse: Monday, May 18th – Saturday, May 23rd


The Berry Bomber

Theresa’s Take: The Favorite

Donut-Meter Rating: 5 Donut-Stars

The Berry Bomber instantly reminded me of summer! If summer had a taste, this would be it. The Berry Bomber gets my vote, it was my favorite.

Lightly fried, the Berry Bomber is filled with mixed berry jelly filling and topped with light lemon whip. The tart lemon whip goes perfectly with the sweet mixed berry filling. It’s simple citrus and berry flavor make it the perfect donut to share at the office or with family on the weekend.

I guarantee the Berry Bomber is bound to be a hit!

This donut is available at Bearscat Bakehouse: Monday, May 25th – Saturday, May 30th


Maple on the Mound

Theresa’s Take: Breakfast + Baseball Meet

Donut-Meter Rating: 4 Donut-Stars

For all of my maple lovers out there, this donut is for you!

Fried to perfection, Maple on the Mound is topped with maple icing and sprinkled with salty sunflower seeds. If you like the maple bacon donut that Bearscat offers like I do, this one might be your favorite with a slight ballpark twist.

The sunflower seeds add a nice salty PLUS crunchy texture to the sweet maple-y flavor.

The Maple on the Mound could be home run for you, too!

This donut is available at Bearscat Bakehouse: Monday, June 1st – Saturday, June 5th


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