Looking Back: Home Run Derby at the Harbor

The home run derby has become a staple event, and fan favorite, at baseball all-star games around the country.  In 2016, Northwoods League fans and Kenosha locals were in for a “king”-sized treat when the Kingfish hosted that summer’s Home Run Derby at Kenosha Harbor.

Eighteen of the top sluggers in the League, nine from each division, took their turn at bat in a nine-inning home run challenge that featured players hitting off the dock over an ‘outfield wall’ made of buoys and pool noodles.  Two boats donated by the local Yacht Club were used as foul poles, and several other small boats and kayaks took up residence outside the ‘fence’ to enjoy a unique view and maybe even catch one of the long balls launched from the dock.

In addition to the hitting show taking place on the water, the event took on a festival feel with food and beverage trucks, inflatables, live music and fireworks. It also caught the eye of baseballs fans and sports enthusiasts around the country, with stories, pictures and video finding their way onto ESPN SportsCenter’s Top Plays, Cut4, Fox Sports and more. This unique derby was an instant classic, not only highlighting the 2016 All-Star Game festivities, but becoming a memorable moment in Northwoods League history as well.



2016 Home Run Derby Champion, Marty Bechina


South Division Home Run Derby Participants (L to R): Logan Mattix (WIR), Laren Eustace (GB), Zach Jarrett (MAD), Daniel Jipping (BC), Connor Heady (WIS), Marty Bechina (KEN), Steve Passatempo (WIS), Jonah Davis (GB), Matt Johnson (LAK)



North Division Participants (L to R): Ricky Ramirez (STC), Griffin Conine (LAC), Daulton Varsho (EC), Alex Fichett (ROC), Adam McGinnis (WAT), Jake Shepski (MAN), Greg Lambert (WIL), Andrew Fregia (TB), Anthony Brocato (TB)



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