Northwoods League Day 3 Filled with Shoot Outs, Extra Innings, and Some Good Old-Fashion Baseball

On Day 3 the Wisconsin Rapids Rafters and Madison Mallards got the day going with a close and action packed game. Both the Wisconsin Woodchucks and Traverse City Pitt Spitters shut down their competitors tonight. The Green Bay Booyah’s and Kalamazoo Growlers fought and pushed through 2 extra innings for the final score 5-4, Booyah’s for the win.

Wisconsin Rapids Rafters 1, Madison Mallards 2

The Madison Mallards beat the Wisconsin Rapids Rafters with a final score 2-1 with the Mallards gapping the game during the fifth inning. Both teams had 1 RBI each the Mallards Peter Matt (Penn) with two hits, a double, and and an RBI and Rafters Jordan Stephens (Miami Ohio) with one hit and an RBI. Wisconsin’s Richie Schiekofer (Rutgers) had a hit, run, and a stolen base. The losing pitcher of the game was Cal Djuraskovic (Davenport) pitching four innings giving up seven hits, two runs, and two strike outs. Mallards’ Aidan Tyrell (Notre Dame) was the winning pitcher with four strike outs, five hits, and one run during his five innings at play. 

Traverse City Pit Spitters 5, Rockford Rivets 0

The Traverse City Pit Spitters shut out the Rockford Rivets with a final score 5-0. Spitter’s Andrew Morrow (Michigan State) had two RBIs. two hits, and hit a double during the game. Chase Andrews (Kentucky Wesleyan) and Adam Proctor (Michigan State) both contributed one RBI as well. The Traverse City Pit Spitters gave a dominate pitching performance. Traverse Cities winning pitcher was Evan Gates (North Carolina AT) pitching five innings, giving up zero runs, and seven strike outs. While the losing pitcher was Rockford’s Brad Littleton (Lewis) also pitching five innings with six hits, two runs, and two strike outs. 

Duluth Huskies 17, La Crosse Loggers 10 

The Duluth Huskies rallied and fought for their third win of the season against the La Crosse Loggers with a final score 17-10. The Huskies made their move during the top of the fifth inning scoring seven runs. Carter Putz (Notre Dame), Danny Zimmerman (Michigan), and Ramon Enriquez (Oklahoma Baptist) contributed home run for the Huskies during the fifth and first innings. Putz also brought in two runs, one hit, and four RBIs during tonights game. For the Loggers, Kyson Donahue (Arizona) had one home run, two hits, and two RBIs. The winning pitcher for the Duluth Huskies was Erik Kaiser (Vanderbilt) pitching a total of three innings, throwing four strike outs, and giving up two runs and hits. While the La Crosse Loggers losing pitcher was Nick Johnson (SW Tennessee CC) with three hits, seven runs, and two strike outs. 

Wisconsin Woodchucks 1, Lakeshore Chinooks 0 

The Wisconsin Woodchucks beat the Lakeshore Chinooks with a low score game of 1-0. The Woodchucks made a move during the fourth inning  scoring 1 run by Nate Stinson (Lincoln Memorial University). Stinson eased his way around the field stealing two bases to score the one and only run of the night. The winning pitcher of the game was Myles Gayman (Barry University) pitching seven innings giving up five hits, zero runs, and three strike outs. Wisconsin’s Nolan Lebamoff (Kankakee Community College) was the save pitcher of the game with 1 walk and 1 strike out. Lastly, the losing pitcher was Parker Coyne (South Carolina) pitching four innings with two strike outs, four hits, and 1 run. 

Thunder Bay Border Cats 3, Rochester Honkers 7

The Rochester Honker took control over the Thunder Bay Borders with a final score 7-3 during the third inning scoring four runs. The Honkers scored three home runs by Craig Shepherd (Evansville), Ryan Wrobleski (Dallas Baptist University), and Tim Borden II (University of Louisville) during the third and fifth innings. Shepherd and Wrobleski also had three RBIs make a great impact for the Honkers. The Border Cats Jake Engel (Dixie State University UT) hit a double, had one hit, and one run. The winning pitcher was Rochesters Ryan Dorney (Saint Martins University) pitching 6 innings, giving up five hits, three runs, and eight strike outs. Marty Tolson Jr. (Eastern Maryland Shore) was the saving pitcher with three strike outs during his two innings of work. Lastly, the losing pitcher was ThunderBay’s Alex Dafoe (Friends University KS) giving up four hits, four runs, and two strike outs. 

St. Cloud Rox 4, Waterloo Bucks 12

The Waterloo Bucks shut down the St. Cloud Rox with a concluding score 12-4. The Bucks took charge in the second inning scoring three runs and bridging the gap between the Rox by each inning. The bucks racked up RBIs during tonights game with a total of 8 RBIs. Greg Anderberg (George Washington) led the pack was five RBIs, three hits, two doubles, and one run. The losing pitcher was Rox’s Carter Bosch (Georgetown University) pitching two innings, throwing five hits, five runs, and two strike outs. While the Bucks Dylan Phillips (Kansas State) was the winning pitcher of the game with two hits, one run, and three strike outs. Austin VanDeWiele (North Iowa Area CC) was the saving pitcher coming into the game for three innings, giving two hits, one run, and one strike out. 

Green Bay Booyah 5, Kalamazoo Growlers 4

The Green Bay Booyah’s pulled out with the win against the Kalamazoo Growlers after an 11 inning game ending with the final score of 5-4. The Booyah’s took control during the second inning scoring three runs but the Growlers kept catching up one run at a time during the next few innings. Booyah’s Matt McDonald (Lamar) and Mike Ferri (Milwaukee) both had a RBI and a run. For the Growlers, Fox Leum (North Iowa Area CC) hit a double, had an RBI, and one hit while on the plate. Sam Mathews (Marietta) was the winning pitcher with zero hits, zero runs, and one strike out for the Green Bay Booyah’s. Logan Lee (Northwood) was the saving pitcher for Green Bay. While May Bain (Northwood University) was the losing pitcher for Kalamazoo pitching two innings, giving up one hit, and one run. 

Fond du Lac Dock Spiders 3, Battle Creek Bombers 2

The Fond du Lac Dock Spiders defeated the Battle Creek Bombers with a final score of 3-2 with the Spiders taking control during the first inning. The Fond du Lac Docks Spiders Andrew Bullock (Western Carolina) and Cherokee LeBeau (Oakland) both had an RBI. Bullock also hit a double and two hits during the game. The Bombers Erik Owen (Tyler Junior College) hit a triple, one run, one RBI, and one hit. The losing pitcher was Lyle Hibbitts (Tyler Junior College) pitched 6 innings with four hits, three runs, and six strike outs. While the winning pitcher was Connor Cook (UW-La-Crosse) with six strike outs, zero runs, and two hits within 6 innings of work. 

Eau Claire Express 8, Bismarck Larks 16

The Bismarck Larks crush the Eau Claire Express with a final score of 16-8. The Larks took control during the first inning scoring four runs and the eight inning making six runs. Cole Taylor (Texas A and M) made one home run for the Bismarck’s with four RBIs, one run, and one hit. Another quality performance was made by Larks Wyatt Ulrich (St. Johns (MN)) who had four RBIs, two runs, a double, and four hits during tonight game. The losing pitcher of the night was Express’ Andrew Tri (St. Thomas) pitching a total of two innings, giving up six hits, seven runs, and three strike outs. While Bismarck’s winning pitcher was Alex Winslow (Dakota County Tech College) with one strike out, five hits, and seven runs within his five inning playing time. Austin Gohl (St. Cloud Tech CC) was the save pitcher with three hits, one run, and one strike out. 

Willmar Stingers 5, Mankato MoonDogs 4

Willmar Stingers rally for the win against the Mankato MoonDogs in fifth inning scoring three runs ending the final score of 5-4. Stingers’ Chase Stanke (Minnesota) and Patrick Bordewick (Concordia St. Paul) both had 2 RBIs and one hit during tonights game. Mankato’s Mason Crews (Kansas State) contributed a double, an RBI, and one hit evening the playing field and raising the score. The winning pitcher of the game was Bradley Kinsey (Pittsburg State) pitching one inning, with one strike out, and three hits. Willmar’s saving pitcher was Austin Reich (Northwestern State) with zero runs, zero hits, and two strike outs. Jimmy Larson (Minnesota State) was the losing pitcher of the game pitching a total of 4 innings, giving up five runs, four hits, and five strike outs. 

Kenosha Kingfish 8, Kokomo Jackrabbits 7

The Kenosha Kingfish come up on top 8-7 beating the Kokomo Jackrabbits driving their win in the second and seventh innings. The Kenosha Kingfish had six members of their roster have RBIs during the game, with RJ Pearson (Oral Roberts University) bringing in two of them. Pearson also hit a double, two hits, and one run. The Jackrabbits Ethan Gallagher (UMBC) had three RBIs, three hits, and 1 walk. The winning pitcher of the game was Tanner Fallon (Loras College) pitching four innings, giving up four hits, two runs, and 1 strike out. Patrick Tomfohdre (Wisconsin-Milwaukee) made the save pitch with one strike out and 1 walk. While the losing pitcher was Kokomo’s Blaine Traxel (CSU-Northridge) with four strike outs, four hits, and two runs. 

Schedule for May 31: 

Wisconsin Woodchucks @ Lakeshore (6:35 pm)

Traverse City @ Rockford (6:35 pm)

St. Cloud @ Waterloo (6:35 pm)

Thunder bay @ Rochester (7:05 pm)

Duluth @ La Crosse (7:05 pm)

Madison @ Wisconsin Rapids (7:05 pm)

Mankato @ Wilma (7:05 pm)

Green Bay @ Kalamazoo (7:05 pm)

Fond du Lac @ Battle Creek (7:05 pm)

Kenosha @ Kokomo (7:05 pm)

Eau Claire @ Bismarck (7:35 pm)