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Published On: October 24th, 2017

During the offseason we develop new ways to get our fans excited for the upcoming year. We talk with our fans, host families, compare ideas with trends across the country in order to find things that will take the experience of a Rox game to the next level.  Last season we introduced our All-You-Can-Eat ticket packages and they were a big hit! We took a hard look at the ticket packages and wondered how we could make it even better for our fans.

After lengthy discussion and planning this fall, based on feedback from our ticket package holders, we’ve decided to add two games and more to our All-You-Can-Eat ticket packages. Not only are we buying our fans dinner, we’re letting them eat all they want through the first four innings! We aren’t stopping there either. Fans will again receive a special edition Rox hat and new this year, each ticket package will come with a Rox jersey!

This offer is available to our fans through our 7-Game Packs that includes our top promotional dates during the 2018 season!

7-Game Packs Include:

  • All-You-Can-Eat. You get all the hamburgers, brats, hot dogs, chips, soda and water you want through the 4th inning!
  • Exclusive Concessions Line. On the seven nights of the ticket package there will be a line designated to 7-Game Pack holders to skip the lines from the general fan.
  • Free Gifts. Special edition Rox hat and NEW in 2018 a Rox jersey!
  • Our Best Games. You will have tickets to our seven best promotional nights including fireworks, entertainment acts and promotional giveaway nights. Last year these nights sold out! You can guarantee your seat now with your 7-Game Pack!
  • Ticket Exchange Program. You can exchange tickets in advance to games that don’t work in your schedule to another regular season game, based on availability.
  • Limited Availability. Our stadium only allows a limited number of these packages per game and is not available for single game buyer, we sold out of packages last year!
  • Highly Affordable. All of this will only cost you $14 per game! If you walked up the day of the game you’d pay $10 for each ticket and not get any food or gifts.

The total value of the 7-Game Packs are $215 and you get it for just $98! Don’t wait, there are a limited number of these 7-game packs available for the 2018 season! Last season we sold out of these packages!

With the 7-game packs, you get a manageable amount of games. It works out to be about one game every week and a half, which is just about right for a lot of fans.  In order to reserve your 7-game pack online here or you can call us at (320) 240-9798 Monday-Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

You will be contacted in May when the tickets and hat are available to be picked up.