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Published On: December 19th, 2018


We Hired Elves!

By Mike Johnson

General Manager, St. Cloud Rox


Why would we hire elves to work for your St. Cloud Rox?

Well, we figured you might be having a tough time coming up with the perfect gift for the Rox fans in your life. Or maybe you’re just a last minute shopper that tries to avoid long lines and busy stores during the holiday season. Our elves can help with that!

For instance, when the elves and I sat down to talk about this holiday season, the elves had some strong opinions.

“Make it easy for families,” one elf said. “Give them your best games but make it flexible to fit their busy schedules.”

“Give them food,” said another elf. “Families don’t want to rush to make dinner before going to the game.”

“Give them free stuff!” the third elf yelled. “Everyone likes free gifts!”

So the elves and I came up with the 7-Game Ticket Package for busy families! This is just the thing for you. Here’s what you get:

  1. Just Seven Games. That’s only about one game about every 10 days throughout the summer when school is out. This is much more manageable than a full-season package for families with busy schedules!
  2. We’ll Buy You Dinner! We know food is a large cost in taking your family out. We decided to include it for FREE in this package! Each game, you will receive an all-inclusive ballpark buffet of hot dogs, hamburgers, a special rotating entrée, chips, popcorn, soda and water served for two hours.
  3. Our Best Promotional Nights! This package includes seven of our best promotional nights during the 2019 season, including four post-game fireworks nights. We do understand though, with busy schedules you might not be able to make the predetermined games. We are allowing you to switch your tickets to a game that works better with your schedule, based on availability, and still get the food included!
  4. Free Rox T-Shirt. New in 2019, each 7-Game Pack will include a special edition Rox t-shirt!
  5. Discounted Merchandise All Season! Also new in 2019, each 7-Game Pack will include a 10% off merchandise discount card that can be used all season long!

The cost of the 7-Game Packs are $105 plus tax, which comes out to just $15 plus tax per game!

We have a limited number of these 7-Game packs and have traditionally sold out in the past. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

The elves have made it easy for you to purchase online right from home and select your exact seats right here! If you’d prefer you can also reserve your Rox 7-Game Pack by calling 320-240-9798. You’ll make our elves happy and you’ll make yourself happy next summer when you’re having fun watching your Rox!