ON SALE NOW! 2020 Rox Kwik Trip 7-Game Packs!


This isn’t your average ticket pack.

We’ll also buy dinner for your friends, for your kids, for your aunts and uncles, for your neighbors, for anybody you say. This is the real deal! We were thinking of families when we came up with this idea, but this also applies to friends, neighbors, whomever.

  • Free All-You-Can-Eat Ballpark Food and Drink. We know food is a large cost in taking your family out. So we decided to include it for FREE in this package. Each game you receive an all-inclusive ballpark buffet: hot dogs, hamburgers, a special rotating entrée, chips, popcorn, soda and water. Food is served for two hours, starting when the gates open which is one hour before game time.
  • Flexibility. This package includes a Ticket Exchange Program. This perk is a fan favorite. We know your schedule in the summer can be hectic, which is why our No Ticket Goes Wasted Policy is so beneficial. Can’t make a game in your package? No problem! All you have to do is give our front office a call before your game day and swap it out for a different available game, absolutely FREE.
  • Our Best Games. What makes these nights the best? These are the games that include firework shows and entertainment acts. Last year, these nights sold out! By purchasing the package in advance, you are guaranteed tickets to these nights.

– Free Gift. Special edition Rox t-shirt for FREE.

  •  – Best Seats: Kwik Trip 7-Game Pack Holders receive reserved seats in the main grandstand. Seating is chosen based on a first come, first served basis.

 –  Exclusive Concessions Line. On the Kwik Trip 7-Game Pack nights there will be a buffet line designated for Kwik Trip 7-Game Pack holders to skip the food lines from the general fan.

 –  Highly Affordable. The best part to all of this is the price! All of the perks of this package will only cost you $15 per game plus tax ($113 total).

 – Merchandise Savings. Kwik Trip 7-Game Pack Holders receive 10% off all Rox merchandise sold at every game.

 – Limited Availability. The only problem with this package is availability. Last season, we SOLD OUT of Kwik Trip 7-Game Packs.

The total value of the Kwik Trip 7-Game Pack is over $215, but you pay only $105 plus tax ($113 total)