Where Are They Now? Devin Pearson

Photo Courtesy of Devin Pearson



Pearson had a .271 batting average for the Rox during the 2013 season.

Devin Pearson is making a career for himself in professional baseball, just not exactly the way he envisioned it when he spent the summer playing outfield for the St. Cloud Rox during the 2013 season. Instead of excelling on the playing field, he finds himself as one of the key contributors in the Boston Red Sox Amateur Scouting Department.

Out of high school Pearson was drafted in the 30th round by the Toronto Blue Jays in 2012. He chose not to sign and instead attend, play baseball for and graduate from the University of California, Berkeley. Following his freshman season, he was a mainstay near the top of the Rox lineup, playing 50 games primarily in left field.

“My summer with the Rox was great. Most importantly it allowed me to grow personally by meeting players and coaches from across the country. We had a special group and built a lot of special relationships,” Pearson said recently. “Augie was an awesome mentor for me.”

After his college eligibility ran out and battling through a few injuries his playing days were over. He took a job outside of baseball, but it wasn’t for long. He received a call from a fellow Cal baseball alumni member that was working in the Boston Red Sox organization to see if he had interest in discussing a potential internship with the team. Pearson recalls, “I flew out to Boston and have been a part of the team ever since.” At the start, his duties were to assist the Pro Scouting department with anything they needed. He says he did a lot of grunt work but was exposed to a lot of their processes and how they think, learning a lot along the way.

Pearson had four outfield assists for the Rox during the 2013 season.

Once Pearson’s Pro Scouting internship was completed, he was hired fulltime into the Amateur Scouting Department  leading into the 2018 season where his team researches future players of the Red Sox organization within the high school and college ranks. This is where he found his love for the MLB Draft. “I got to learn from great people on how the draft process works, how to coordinate scouts and how to grow as an evaluator,” he says.  Months later he was amongst his coworkers holding the World Series trophy as the Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2018 World Series.

Photo Courtesy of Devin Pearson

This fall, following his second season in the Amateur Scouting Department,  Pearson was promoted to his current position as the Red Sox Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting. Although his role has changed in terms of title and responsibilities Pearson’s main goal remains the same: To draft the best players and have the most efficient process for getting to those decisions. He notes the culture and family environment within the Red Sox organization are his favorite parts of the organization. On the culture of the organization he says “we work extremely hard and have shared values and goals, but we also enjoy being around each other. Being from the West Coast, the people in this office really are my East Coast family.”

At only 25 years old, Pearson’s success has not gone unnoticed by those close to the baseball community. This summer he was recognized by The Athletic as one of the “Top 35 under 35” working in baseball.

Pearson collected 42 hits for the Rox during the 2013 season.