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Published On: September 22nd, 2023

Rochester, Minn. – The Northwoods League is thrilled to announce a significant rebranding initiative, including the unveiling of new logos for the League itself, baseball, and softball. The logos were designed by Tony Horning of Chanhassen, MN. Tony Previously designed the NWL Divisional Logos, Minnesota Mud Puppies re-brand, and projects for the Willmar Stingers.

The Northwoods League has long been a powerhouse in the world of summer collegiate baseball. With the launch of softball in 2024 it became time for a rebrand. With the introduction of these logos, the League pays homage to its storied history while embracing a modern look that resonates with its evolving brand.

Northwoods League President, Ryan Voz, expressed excitement about this rebranding endeavor, stating, “These logos are more than just symbols; they represent the heart and soul of the Northwoods League. Our commitment to excellence and the love for the game is embodied in every aspect of these designs. We believe they capture the essence of our league, and we can’t wait to share them with our fans, players, and communities.”

The new baseball and softball logos will be prominently featured on Northwoods League merchandise, marketing materials, and across social media platforms as the League embraces this exciting new visual identity.

The Northwoods League invites fans, players, and communities to embrace this fresh start and join them in celebrating the future of summer collegiate baseball and softball. The League looks forward to continuing its tradition of creating unforgettable memories for all its fans and players.