Free lunch with the Larks August 2 at BNC Sunrise Branch! Make a change by donating your change. Add this limited-edition Larks baseball to your collection.



Larks fans, BNC National Bank and the Larks need your help. This season, we’ve made it our goal to help make a change in our community by donating our loose change to the Abused Adult Resources Center (AARC).

As a token of our appreciation — when you donate change — we will give you an exclusive Larks baseball for FREE! It’s the perfect piece of Larks memorabilia for fans of all ages.

Here’s the catch — the baseball is only available at Bismarck-Mandan BNC National Bank branches!


How do I get the exclusive Larks baseball?
It’s as easy as 1 – 2 -3.

  1. Stop by a Bismarck-Mandan BNC National Bank branch or grab lunch at a BNC National Bank BBQ*
    *See below for dates.
  2. Donate your loose change.
  3. Receive a custom Larks baseball for FREE!

Be sure to get your Larks baseball before they’re gone. Limited number available. Only 150 available at each BBQ.

Baseballs available starting Monday, June 10th while supplies last.


Here’s how you are making a difference.
All it takes is a penny, a dime, a nickel or even a quarter.

All change collected at BNC National Bank will help children at the AARC shelter. Your change will give children the  the opportunity to purchase school supplies, school pictures, celebrate birthdays and take part in extracurricular school activities.

“We want to make the transition as easy as possible for children and not change their lifestyle in a dramatic way. If they are involved in dance, let’s let them dance. If they are a basketball player, let’s let them play,” says AARC Founder, Diane Zainhofsky.

BNC National Bank and the Larks are proud to partner with the Abused Adult Resource Center for this program.

“BNC National Bank has always been super supportive of the AARC. They have been a wonderful partner throughout the years and we are very blessed to have their staff support,” says Zainhofsky.


Join us for the BNC National Bank BBQ
Mark your calendars for theses dates!

Snag some lunch, a baseball and some autographs by visiting the BNC National Bank branches on the dates:

Sunrise Branch
3000 Yorktown Drive
Friday, August 2
11 am – 1 pm


Don’t forget to join us for the BNC National Bank Post-Game Autographs after every home game on Sundays!

Get your baseball autographed AND donate your loose change to AARC!

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