We got to catch up with Larks’ head coach and field manager Will Flynt to talk about 2020 and moving forward to season 5!

What are you up to this offseason?

Spending time with family in San Diego. Teaching baseball lessons in Indiana. I also won the MSBL (Men’s Senior Baseball League) 55-year old league. I’m looking forward to coming up to Bismarck to do lessons in April.


What was it like coaching during a pandemic?

It was the second hardest thing I ever did, next to playing in Taiwan. But it was better than I ever thought it was going to be. The players were unbelievable. Everyone with the Larks should be proud of what they did. We did a lot for the community.


Will we see any familiar faces on the team next summer?

A bunch of guys are coming back. I’ve talked seriously with 20-some guys and most of them are returners.

Basically working with four teams last year (considering almost all the players left during the season and needed to be replaced) gives me a huge advantage. I know these guys. I trust them. I want to give them the real Northwoods League experience next year.


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