BISMARCK, ND — The Larks are excited to welcome back three more returners from 2021 and 2022! With the help of Frontier Precision, the Larks surveyed the field to find these new additions to the Flock! Learn more about them:

Enrique Morales is making his third appearance in Bismarck but his first full season as a Lark. In 2020, he was a member of the Bismarck Bull Moose, and in 2021 he appeared during the final two weeks of the regular season for the Larks. He may only be 5’6″ but, during his fall season, he hit a 340 foot home run, the first of his college career. 


Justin Goldstein, better known as “Goldy” by his teammates, will be returning for his third season in Bismarck. He played with Enrique

[Morales] and Ryan [Curran] on the 2020 Bull Moose squad and came back to play for the Larks in 2021. He transferred to Division I Middle Tennessee State and plays against some of the country’s best schools, such as Vanderbilt. As of March 21, Justin has not allowed a run in 1.2 IP with the 8-12 Blue Raiders.


Ryan Curran will make 2022 his third season in the 701. His first year was with the Bull Moose and now entering his second season with the Larks. Ryan will be joined by three other Montevallo teammates, including returner Khalid Collymore and new Larks, Zen Hiatt and Joshua Alpough. As of March 21, Ryan is hitting .211 with the 19-6 Montevallo Falcons, with 4 hits in 19 at-bats.


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