Are you looking for unique fundraising ideas that can raise money for your organization? The Larks offer special ticket fundraisers for 501(c) organizations of all kinds!


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Bismarck Larks fundraising



$12 Ticket Option sold at $15

  1. Sell 50 tickets, keep $150
  2. Sell 100 tickets, keep $300
  3. Sell 200 tickets, keep $600



In the end, people that buy tickets from you will enjoy going to a Larks game. They’ll also enjoy knowing they helped support your group by purchasing that ticket. And we’ll certainly enjoy hosting you and your friends at one of our games!

To get started on your unique fundraising journey, FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW and we will reach out to you as soon as possible!

Looking to treat your own group to some fun? Check out our other group outings, such as the Fizzily Grandstand Bleachers, Fireside Tailgate Area, and the Guaranty & Title Co. Clubhouse!