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Published On: November 2nd, 2023

St. Cloud, MN –  The Northwoods League announced today that the St. Cloud Rox have won webcast team of the year across the Northwoods League. The Rox also won best-coverage in the Great Plains Division for the second time in franchise history.

Northwoods League teams provide what many consider to be one of the best sports broadcasting developmental opportunities offered. The teams hire video production crew members who have a passion for sports broadcasting, many of whom are seeking their degrees from excellent college broadcasting and media programs in pursuit of a successful career in the broadcasting industry.

Excelling in Northwoods League team broadcasting operations and performing at a level which results in winning one of the annual webcasting awards, typically requires a team to be proactive throughout the year, from the start of the hiring process late in the year through the training months and weeks prior to the season start. It requires good teamwork, collaboration, and engagement throughout the season to continuously improve broadcasting operations as well as to correct deficiencies and issues quickly.

“With all the great video productions in the Northwoods League, it is a huge honor to receive recognition. Our video team led by Will Meyerhoff, Shawn Crowder, Noah Rittierodt, and Ryan McNamara were extremely determined and committed all season to create the best broadcast possible to showcase the Northwoods League and Rox brand to fans on great platforms such as ESPN+,” said Rox Managing Partner Scott Schreiner.

“I could not be more proud of our team. Noah, Shawn, Ryan, Lillian, Rob, Sam, and Kaden were all on the same page and that was to put out the best possible broadcast to not only represent the Rox, but the entire league and they did that night in and night out,” said creative director Will Meyerhoff.