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Scheels 7-Game Packs


Free All-You-Can-Eat Ballpark Food for 3 Innings.We know a huge cost in taking the family out anywhere is food. So we decided to include it for free.

Flexibility.This perk is a fan favorite. Most people don’t know their summer plans yet. That’s ok. You can work your summer around these games or you can switch to games that fit your schedule.

Best seats. Best games. The Larks sold out 97% of their tickets for 2019. Most of our best nights had no tickets available for sale online or at the game. By purchasing the package in advance, you are guaranteed box seats to these nights. Our box seats come with a backrest and cup holder.

Guaranteed Giveaway.Scheels 7 pack holders are the only fans that receive our coolest giveaway items of the year.

Picnic Area .Scheels 7 Pack Holders also receive access to a picnic area to eat their food and mingle with other guests before the game.

Questions? Talk to Cody:

Call: 701-557-7600